How to Connect to Cryptocentralized

  • Use the Stratum Serice URL to connect your miners: stratum+tcp://
  • The User name to log into the service will be the Miners Wallet Address and the Password can be Anything
  • Each Coins Pool will use the same URL as above but connect via a different port
  • Currently Monoeci, Ravencoin and Pigeoncoin are the only cryptocurrency which is available however, more cryptocurrencies are going to be available. If you would like your coin to be hosted please email

Ports Per Pool

Coin Port
Monoeci - XMCC 15000
Qbic - QBIC 15003

Vardiff Support

All Coin Pools support variable difficulty. It is configured in such a way that both GPU and ASIC miners can run on the same Stratum Server. The pool will quickly increase the miners difficulty if your miner is solving shares too quickly (in many cases ASIC miners). The Vardiff will ensure that each miner is being fully utilised by creating a steady flow of shares based on the hashing speed of the miner. The configuration is as follows:

  • StartingDiff: 1000 - The starting difficulty of all ASIC pools
  • StartingDiff: 100 - The starting difficulty of all GPU/CPU pools
  • MinDiff: 2 - Minimum difficulty
  • MaxDiff: 1,500,000 - Maximum difficulty
  • TargetTime: 15 - Aim for 1 share per this many seconds
  • RetargetTime: 45 - How many seconds until difficulty is retargeted
  • MaxDelta: 10000 - Do not alter difficulty by more than this during a single retarget in either direction

Your mining software may report a different hash rate than the pool's. This is because the pool calculates your miners hash rate based off the shares submitted and share difficulty of your miner.


  • On first connection please allow up to 10 minutes to pass before checking miners speed using the Dashboard. The Stratum Server updates miners statistics every 10 minutes. If you have a slow miner this process may take longer.
  • If after 20 minutes your miner still has not delivered a share check you configuration file within your miner as well as your mining software. In some cases a firewall may be blocking the outgoing conection